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Evil Queen ¬©Craig Cross


Painted Dancers (White Witch's Pleasure)~~©PixieMoon 2013




Hemlock Lemonade - Needless Cane

Body art of the Fairy by Angela Wells and Margo JG

Lulu's body art

I'm Margo JG and I am Lulu's Body Art.


I started out life as a stage performer.  I have been behind the curtain (stage make up), and in front of it as a singer and entertainer.  I now have the best job in the world.  I am a Body Artist, Face Painter, Make-Up Artist, Children's Entertainer, Temporary Henna Tattooist and Balloon Twister.  Through the years, I have been a professional artist in many different capacities.  Now, I work markets, shows, parties, fashion shows (World of Wearable Art in Wellington), photo shoots, etc. I am published and have won awards.  I also work causes such as StarJam, 'Shave for a Cure' (Cancer Society) and Parent to Parent (non-profit organisation supporting parents of special needs children).  I am also a mom and a teacher. My sons are my best inspiration. :)

I have 3 talented artists on my team - Lucy-Belle, Mia and Wendy.