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Evil Queen ¬©Craig Cross

Hemlock Lemonade - Needless Cane

Body art of the Fairy by Angela Wells and Margo JG

Lulu's body art





Painted Dancers (White Witch's Pleasure)~~©PixieMoon 2013

I'm Margo JG and I am Lulu's Body Art.


I started out life as a stage performer.  I have been behind the curtain (stage make up), and in front of it as a singer and entertainer.  I now have the best job in the world.  I am a Body Artist, Face Painter, Make-Up Artist, Children's Entertainer, Temporary Henna Tattooist, Muralist, and Balloon Twister.  I also am an Art Therapist.

I have also started another body artist business with my good friend Maz Mace, Body Marbling is the new body art craze that we are the first to bring to NZ.

Through the years, I have been a professional artist in many different capacities.  Now, I work markets, shows, parties, fashion shows (World of Wearable Art in Wellington), photo shoots, etc. I am published and have won awards.  I also work causes such as StarJam, 'Shave for a Cure' (Cancer Society) and Parent to Parent (non-profit organisation supporting parents of special needs children).  I am also a mom and a teacher. My sons are my best inspiration. 

I have 3 talented artists on my team - Lucy-Belle, Mia and Wendy.